Welcome to what is hoped to be a regular update on the COLDCUT club. First of all, the Executive Committee would like to thank all our members for their support and patience while the club has been closed. There have been outside influences that have impacted on the lives and lively hoods of everyone and the club has not been immune to this. The closure due to Covid-19 was unfortunate timing, as the Committee were examining ways to embark on a new road map for the club, to reinvest in the clubs deteriorating facilities and encourage the membership to reconnect with this great amenity.

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING: There were two attempts to have the AGM this year and we failed to reach a quorum on both occasions. Indeed it was particularly frustrating that we were only four short of the 50 required on the first attempt. The committee have continued to function as per the clubs constitution and we will attempt to have an AGM in 2023.

THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: There are some depot vacancies on the current committee and we do hope that these can be filled by enthusiastic people who have a few hours to give each month. Indeed if you are looking for a new challenge and have plenty of time to spare, why not put it to good use and become very involved.

SO WHERE ARE WE AT?…. There is plenty of work being done in the background and also plenty of physical work has been carried out on the clubhouse itself.

The roof required major work, as battling the elements over the last 33 years had taken its toll on parts of it. The Velux windows and roof vents were particularly bad and unfortunately left too long unattended. Hence the cost involved to repair the roof was a significant one.

To compliment and assist the removal of water from the roof safely and effectively, the gutters and downpipes on the entire building have been replaced.

The clubhouse was built in 1989 and different levels of standards has required areas within the walls to be brought in line with changed regulations. One requirement that was urgently needed was an upgrade of the fire alarm. Again because of lack of proper attention, the whole system was deemed not fit for purpose. A new wireless system has been installed to the highest specifications and compliance. This has been another big expense and burden on the club finances, but one which we are happy to pay if it means it is a potential life saver.

The next step regarding the club is to refit the main building and bring it up to the standard required. New and modern equipment is needed throughout the building including…..

THE LOUNGE BAR: A full redesign and efficiency based refit of the lounge bar and members area. The cold room requires a full upgrade and storage space needs to be used more efficiently. It is envisaged that the ambiance will be more reflective of a bus workers club, than it is at present. Donations of old photos of former colleges from different depots and memorabilia from the CIE days, right through to Bus Atha Cliath will be welcome for display in the redesigned bar.

THE FUNCTION ROOM: A full redesign and efficiency based refit to one which can accommodate different needs and events that will generate much needed income.

THE GYM: An evaluation of the Gym and a full upgrade of the equipment based on the outcome of the report. We want to encourage greater use of the club by the members and want to offer as much as we can to aid this. There are many views which we need to hear, but we can not guarantee that we can do everything suggested.

THE GAMES ROOM: The possibility of splitting the games room into two floors has been explored. This would allow the ground floor to be utilized for other uses, i.e extend the gym area if required or for use as a smaller function/conference room.

OUTSIDE AREA: The idea of using some of the existing green space area for a beer garden/dining area has been discussed. The wonderful surroundings coupled with quality outdoor furniture would add a new level of enjoyment for members and visitors.

THE DRESSING ROOMS: The ideal thing would be to demolish and rebuild the existing dressing rooms and incorporate proper garages for the machinery and a large area to start a MENS SHED for club members. The mens shed initiative has been very successful in a number of clubs similar to ours around the country and would be welcomed by many of the members we have spoken to. The above proposal would require planning permission, which could prove problematic, but it is hoped that we can fulfill that particular aspiration without too much difficulty.


So that`s it for now. Hopefully after reading this newsletter members will feel more informed as to what is happening in their club. Please feel free to ask any questions by contacting us on…..


In the meantime, stay safe and stay healthy.

Executive Committee Dublin City Services Sports & Social Club